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We are a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management company established with the primary objective of guiding you through your journey towards wealth creation. Our emphasis lies in crafting personalized solutions that align with your specific financial objectives. Leveraging our expertise and specialized insights, we stand ready to assist you in every aspect of financial planning — from wealth accumulation to strategic investments, including provisions for your children’s education and ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Our mission is to empower you to achieve your financial aspirations by comprehensively understanding your individual requirements. We are dedicated to informing and educating you about all available options, enabling you to make well-informed decisions confidently.




Our vision is to make Goal-based customized Financial Plan accessible to all and to spread Financial Literacy.


Our mission is to ensure that top-tier financial planning is within reach for all, regardless of their financial status. We aspire to transform the dream of financial freedom into a tangible reality for individuals and families through education, meticulous planning, and effective execution.

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Investment Planning


Goal-Based Investment Planning

Risk Planning

Retirement Planning

Child Future Planning

Major Purchase Planning

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Estate Planning

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Why Us

Client Focused

We prioritize client service at the core of our approach. Our mission revolves around educating clients, streamlining and structuring their financial affairs, and fostering peace of mind for both the present and the future.


Our primary focus is on meeting the needs of our clients, dedicating our time and attention to managing their portfolios and providing guidance on crucial financial decisions.


At Live-Well Financial Services, we believe in a comprehensive approach to both building and preserving wealth.

What Our Clients Say

NIRAV PRAJAPATI Specialist - Software Engineer

I've been a client of Live-Well since 2016. They've played a crucial role in assisting me with future planning based on my existing savings and recommending appropriate funds to invest.


As an employee at an IT services company, my busy schedule made it difficult to effectively manage my finances, leading to substantial leaks in traditional insurance policies and ULIPs. However, after utilizing Live-Well's services, I gained valuable advice and guidance, enabling me to invest in more suitable avenues.

NISHA Technical Lead

I used to money by investing any surplus into traditional avenues like Fixed Deposits (FD) and Recurring Deposits (RD). However, following Live-Well's recommendation, I explored investing in Mutual Funds to better align with my long-term financial objectives.


As an employee at an MNC, my hectic schedule made it challenging to save money for the future. Thanks to Live-Well's assistance, I've successfully trimmed unnecessary expenses and now have the ability to save for the future.

RAVI KANT Senior Software Engineer

Their assistance in financial planning has been exceptional. They have a knack for explaining concepts clearly and impressively. Demonstrating genuine care for their clients, I am thoroughly pleased and satisfied with their service.